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AMELIN's 15 years of productive work at Russia's thermal energy market testify to the correct choice by the company of the development course. Ensuring energy independence of new plants, upgrading existing commercial thermal energy plants, and making them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly - this is the main field of our activity. Our holistic approach to achieving the goals above is based on the responsibility of the modern business management to comply with the public environmental policy.

AMELIN products and technology combine high quality, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. AMELIN steam generators and thermal energy systems offer major competitive advantages making their implementation more cost-effective as compared to other commercially available solutions.

AMELIN products possess unique properties based on the technology innovations in Canada's and Russia's energy sectors.

Our experience and expertise are at your disposal.

Our clients

  • ОАО НК Роснефть
  • ТНК-ВР
  • ОАО "КАУСТИК" - Волгоград
  • Стерлитамакский нефтехимический завод
  • ОАО "Саратовстройстекло"
  • ООО "Колбасный комбинат "Богатырь"
  • ПАО "Концерн Стирол"
  • Carnex
  • Baker Hughes
  • ОАО Запорожский металлургический комбинат «Запорожсталь»
  • Lukoil
  •  ООО Гелиос (Пивоваренный г.Братск)
  • КФ Славянка (Старый Оскол)
  • ЖБК-3 г.Энгельс
  • Агропродукт
  • ООО "Синбиас Фарма"
AMELIN Group is launching at the Russian market a new product line - steam and electric boilers with unit capacity up to 5 MW
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