MELIN Group produces and ships water treatment chemicals. The unique properties of the Company's products offer the customers the opportunity to improve energy efficiency, thus cutting the operational costs, and to live up to their environmental commitments. Our products protect investments and increase the service life of the equipment.

Water treatment and related products offered by AMELIN Group can be classified as follows according to the application:

  • Boiler plants;
  • Coolers;
  • Equipment (including pretreatment equipment, i.e. nanofiltration, UV-irradiation, and ozone treatment processes);
  • Industrial processes;
  • Water and effluent water;
  • Hydrocarbon chemistry;
  • Steel;
  • Special-purpose coatings;
  • Laboratory supplies and chemicals;

We do our best to make available to our customers state-of-the-art combinations of materials offering the best value for money and a full range of products and services meeting all demands of our customers. Products for boiler, cooler, and sewerage applications are listed below. This list is incomplete, because new products are tested and offered as new technologies become available.

Group codeApplication
Cold water treatment
AM 3000Inhibiting agents for open-type recirculation systems
AM 3100Open-type recirculation systems
AM 3200Closed-type recirculation systems
AM 3300Dispersants
AM 3400Antibacterial agents
AM 3500Detergents
AM 3600Antiodor and anticorrosive chemicals
Hot water treatment
AM 2000Hot water pretreatment - regenerating agents
AM 2100Oxygen interceptors
AM 2200Treatment of internal surfaces
AM 2300Polymer products
AM 2400Phosphate products
AM 2500Chelant products
AM 2600Dispersants
AM 2700Products for steam and return pipes
AM 2800Treatment of heated surfaces
AM 5000Coagulants
AM 5100Coagulants
AM 5200Precipitators
AM 5300Removal of metals
AM 5400Defoaming agents
AM 5500Emulsion disintegrators
AMELIN Group is launching at the Russian market a new product line - steam and electric boilers with unit capacity up to 5 MW
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