The Company

Canadian-Russian AMELIN Group is a major international manufacturer of hi-tech cutting-edge equipment and materials.

The main goal AMELIN Group pursues is to develop and to implement state-of-the-art processes, to promote innovative solutions for the manufacturing industries of developed nations.

The core business of AMELIN Group is to assemble state-of-the-art heat and steam generators, to design and to build stationary, modular, and mobile boiler plants, to produce and to distribute boiler feed water treatment chemicals, to develop and to implement unique processes and solutions for the treatment of industrial process wastes.

AMELIN Group's success is based on its passion for the ever growing operational performance and efficiency of its products. We adhere to our corporate philosophy and commitments and we are always focused on delivering high performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to our customers.

AMELIN Group is launching at the Russian market a new product line - steam and electric boilers with unit capacity up to 5 MW
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