Cold water treatment

AMELIN cold water treatment products have a wide range of applications and are used to slow down corrosion, to ensure maximum heat transfer by preventing the formation of crystalline and flaky deposits, and to suppress bacterial growth. AMELIN products maximize energy efficiency and thus reduce the production costs. Besides, AMELIN products protect investments by extending the service life of the system components.

AMELIN cold water treatment products are grouped according to the application and have following codes:

Application Series
Cold water treatment in open-type systems AM 3000
Closed-type recirculation systemsAM 3200
Dispersants for open-type and closed-type recirculation systemsAM 3300
Microbiological control AM 3400
Detergents AM 3500
Municipal sewage treatmentAM 3600

Cold water treatment in open-type systems

AM 3000 series products by AMELIN intended for cold water treatment in open- type recirculation systems are subdivided into two groups:

  • Biphosphonate-based products;
  • Improved biphosphonate-free products;

AM 3000 series products by AMELIN possess the following advantages:

  • Efficient suppression of scale build-up;
  • No excessive acid content and no related health and equipment damage risks;
  • Low maintenance and repair costs;
  • Lower water treatment costs despite the greater number of treatment cycles;
  • Enhanced safety even if the system fails;
  • Superior protection against scaling and clogging.

AM 301x seriesBiphosphonate-based inhibiting agents for cold water by AMELIN

Product Description
AM 3010Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3011Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3012Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3013Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3014Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3015Corrosion and scale inhibitor
AM 3016Corrosion and scale inhibitor for soft water
AM 3017Corrosion and scale inhibitor for soft water
AM 3018Corrosion and scale inhibitor

AM 305x

AM 305х products combine powerful anticorrosive agent with powerful scale inhibitor showing excellent performance in a wide range of applications and water compositions.

Biphosphonate-free inhibitors for cold water by AMELIN

Product Description Final total concentration of the product
AM 3050Corrosion and scale inhibitor - improved polymer 90 - 120
AM 3056 (V36)Corrosion and scale inhibitor - improved polymer90 - 120

Note: this series is expanding and new products are tested.

AM 31xx

AM 31хх products have been designed for the efficient threshold suppression of corrosion and scaling in cold water flow systems.

Individual products of the series employ the anodic or catodic process to slow down corrosion and suppress scaling to a different extent.

Closed-type recirculation systems

AM 3200 products include all chemicals used in modern closed-type recirculation systems. AMELIN products are subdivided into 3 large groups: nitrites, molybdates, and organic compounds, meeting the ever growing environmental protection needs.

32хх products include also special-purpose azols used in both open-type and closed-type recirculation systems, where stronger protection against the corrosion of copper is needed.

This product series also includes coolants and cooling effect mitigation agents that simplify processing of materials under low temperatures.

AM 320x

AM 320x - These products are used to slow down the corrosion of copper in systems containing different materials that contact without electrical insulation. Though brass corrosion inhibitors are included in many AMELIN's products, poorly designed systems may need additional special protection of cooper and copper alloys against the corrosion. These products also indirectly slow down the corrosion of low-carbon steel.

AM 321x

AM 321x products for treatment of closed-type recirculation systems are nitrite-based and slow down the corrosion of ferrous and nonferrous metals in hot and cold water alike. This series includes other products, as well, ensuring the comprehensive protection of the system.

Benefits of using nitrite-based products:

  • Slow down scaling efficiently keeping the heat exchange surfaces clean;
  • Treatment in the same drum (simplicity/convenience);
  • Fast deactivation;
  • Suitable for fine batching;
  • Compatible with hot and cold water systems;
  • Simple control test (NO2);
  • Automatic pH level control;
  • Compatible with glycol;

AMELIN molybdate-based corrosion inhibitors for closed-type recirculation systems

AM 322x

AM 322x products are molybdenum-based and have the initial corrosion mitigation effect. They offer several advantages: efficient mitigation of corrosion in a static environment, reduction of the solids content in treated water, reduced bacterial growth.

Benefits of using molybdenum-based products:

  • Slow down scaling efficiently keeping the heat exchange surfaces clean;
  • High resistance to bacterial growth;
  • Suitable for fine batching;
  • Compatible with hot and cold water systems;
  • Simple control test (Mo);
  • Automatic pH level control;
  • Compatible with glycol.

AMELIN organic corrosion inhibitors for closed-type recirculation systems

AM 323x

AM 323x - AMELIN inhibitors designed for use in closed-type recirculation systems and containing all organic compounds used to protect hot and cold water systems against the corrosion.

To protect the system comprehensively, the products may also contain azoles (to protect brass elements) and special-purpose polymers for extra suppression of the scaling processes. The organic composition makes it possible to cater to the diverse customer needs in respect of treatment, application, and disposal of products for the treatment of closed-type recirculation systems.

Benefits of using organic products:

  • Slow down scaling efficiently keeping the heat exchange surfaces clean;
  • Suitable for fine batching;
  • Compatible with hot and cold water systems;
  • Simple control test (phosphorous UV);
  • Automatic pH level control;
  • Heavy metals-free, environmentally safe.

AMELIN antifreeze chemicals for closed-type recirculation systems and treatment of materials

AM 324x

AM 324x products - AMELIN offers several glycol-based products used as coolants in closed-type recirculation systems. Besides, AMELIN manufactures a propylene-based product mitigating cooling effects and simplifying handling of materials under low temperatures. This product is optimal for the treatment of coal, rail cars and for the removal of frost from drive belts.

Deicing chemicals efficiently lower the freezing point of water. In cold weather moisture on the surfaces of coal freezes reducing its flowability, which may lead to blocking of feed trays and to the build-up of crust on the drive belts. These problems can be prevented by the application of the coolant onto the coal or the equipment. Crystalline structure changes and crystals can be broken more easily.

Dispersants (cold water inhibitors)

AM 3300 series products, when used in combination with corrosion inhibitors and antibacterial agents, strengthen the effect of virtually all cold water treatment products through:

  • Descaling the cooling equipment, thus preventing negative effects on the heat exchange;
  • Preventing deposition often leading to corrosion under the deposits;
  • Keeping metallic surfaces clean, thus strengthening the effect of the corrosion inhibitors;
  • Strengthening the suppression of the bacterial growth by antibacterial products


Solid dense crystalline deposits are formed when the concentration of dissolved substances exceeds the solubility threshold due to changes in the mode of operation and they precipitate.

  • Calcium carbonate (reverse solubility);
  • Calcium sulphate (reverse solubility);
  • Calcium silicate;
  • Silicon


Soft noncrystalline flakes form from the suspended particles that are precipitated onto metallic surfaces or stick to them. The most common components of water causing clogging include:

  • Silicon (in the form of slime or silt);
  • Metal oxides;
  • Slime secreted by microorganisms;
  • Slime generated by the treatment of water;
  • Impurities the water gets contaminated with during the process

It's important to distinguish between crystalline and flaky deposits in order to identify the cause of deposition and to choose the appropriate preventive or corrective actions.

AM 3300 series by AMELIN includes dispersants that strengthen and complement the effects produced by the products of series 3000-3200 in the treatment of open-type and closed-type recirculation systems.

Uncontrolled deposition in open-type and closed-type recirculation systems can result in multiple problems including less efficient heat exchange, corrosion under the deposits and, finally, shutdown of the plant for descaling or repair. In open-type recirculation systems compound deposits can form due to the large number of concentration cycles and intensive effluent water treatment.

AM 331x

AM 331x - Surfactant-based products used mainly to remove organic deposits. These products are used to remove oil, organic, and other hydrocarbon deposits from metallic surfaces.

AM 332x

AM 332x - Polymer-based products used to slow down the deposition processes more efficiently and to facilitate the dispersion of solid particles that otherwise can reduce the heat exchange efficiency in cooling systems. AM 322х products are used mainly to disperse suspended solid particles or as phosphate/phosphonate/zinc stabilizers.

AM 333x

AM 333x - Compound products performing different functions of preventing deposition. They contain phosphonates and polymers in different proportions and slow down the accumulation of crystalline and flaky deposits.

AM 334x

AM 334x - Phosphonate-based products intended to slow down the accumulation of crystalline deposits (mainly calcium carbonate deposits). Besides, these products can slow down corrosive processes.

The correct choice of AMELIN dispersants is determined by multiple factors. To choose the product optimally suited to the specific needs of your system use the table below.

Microbiological control, bactericides for cold water systems

AM 3400 series products include nonoxidizing bactericides that can be subdivided into 2 groups:

1. Cationic surfactant bactericides

Cationic surfactant bactericides interact with the cell membrane of bacteria, fungi, and algae. Intracellular environment control, that depends on the cell membrane integrity, is of essence for the cell viability. When the membrane is damaged, substances can penetrate the cell that should not normally be there, while nutrients and other important intracellular components can leave it. Cellular growth stops and the cells die.

2. Cationic metabolism inhibitors

Another broad group of bactericides, metabolism inhibitors, interacts with various intracellular reactions critical for the cell viability, e.g. reactions of energy generation or macromolecule synthesis. Slowing down the critical biochemical reactions results in the death of the cell.

AM 3400 products are often combined with bactericide oxidizers to enhance their bactericide effect in environments where oxidizers alone have no effect.

AMELIN bactericides have been designed specifically to suppress different microorganisms. The following algorithm is offered to facilitate the choice of the right bactericide product. The algorithm is incomplete, because AMELIN product range includes different acids and anions used in specialized bactericides as well.

The ultimate goal of suppressing the growth of microorganisms in cold water is to keep the concentration of microorganisms below the maximum limit rather than to make the water sterile.

The maximum allowable concentration can be determined only on the basis of the analysis of the system operation history, types of microorganisms, and performance indicators of the system. After the preliminary analysis it is important to understand the properties of each bactericide to make the correct choice.

AM 3400 series products have redundant scope of application. Virtually any cold water supply system is a candidate for the application of one or more of AMELIN bactericides. Nonoxidizing bactericides are fed into the system once in quantities according to the system's total water capacity.

AMELIN special purpose detergents

AM 3500 series products are detergent chemicals for disconnected units that have been designed specifically for descaling process equipment. These products are classified into acidic, basic, neutral, and solvent. They are intended to remove hardness, organic substances, corrosion subproducts, and oil residues.

AM 3500 series products have been designed purposefully to clean evaporators, heat exchangers, fermentation vessels, pasteurization units and other equipment.

AM 3500 series benefits:

The key benefit offered by the AM 3500 products is higher productivity through more efficient descaling. Cleaner system contributes to the heat transfer and reduces the energy costs. in addition, using AM 3500 products helps to reduce the cleaning frequency thus extending the equipment service life.

AM 3500 products contain special chemicals that are not highly corrosive to the process equipment as compared to inorganic acids.

AMELIN detergents

Acidic detergents Basic detergentsNeutral detergents Solvent detergents
DescriptionOrganic acids. Some of them contain surfactants and corrosion inhibitorsAlkaline materials, wetting agents and chelantsTwo categories; Detergents and surfactants, and pH-neutral rust removers (two phase process)Liquid solvents
UseUse 5-20% solution. Circulation and 60°C required. Eliminate hardness and rust Use 2.5-10% solution. Eliminate microbiological and organic deposits. Heating and circulation required.Eliminate organic and microbiological deposits. 3511 series products are used to remove rustRemove oil and grease
AdvantagesLow corrosiveness, simple use and removalEfficient against calcium oxalate deposits. Low corrosiveness Low corrosiveness, simple use and removalLow corrosiveness

AMELIN pH-neutral rust removers

pH-neutral rust removers by AMELIN use a phosphonate organic compound to remove ferrous deposits from closed-loop water cooling systems. The technology enables efficient removal of rust from circulation systems contaminated with iron.

The product removes rust leaving magnetite and yellow metals intact. Rust removal significantly increases the equipment's efficiency and capacity. This applies both to closed-loop and open-loop systems, e.g. systems with circulating hot or cold water, water cooling systems of welding equipment, closed-cycle intermittent reactors, paper corrugating machines, compressors, i.e. where the removal of ferrous deposits immediately brings increases in capacity and reduction in operational costs.

This product combination is intended for systems with ferrous contamination of 10-20% of the system's capacity. AM 3511A is used to control pH neutrality of the system. If applied properly, the product can isolate, dissolve, and remove up to 8,000 mg/l of iron oxides from the system.

Benefits of pH-neutral rust removal

The combination of AMELIN AM 3511/3511A products is a pH-neutral detergent designed specifically to remove ferrous deposits from closed-loop water systems and to protect base metals against corrosion.

Products are approved for use exclusively in closed-loop systems that have no long sections connected with the atmosphere.

  • Standard acid neutralization procedure is not required.
  • Can be used on running equipment.
  • Effective at temperatures up to 80°C
  • Protects base metals (low-carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron) against corrosion

AM 3500Removes hardness salts and rust
AM 3501Removes hardness salts and rust, well suited for heat exchangers, condensers, etc.
AM 3502Removes hardness salts and rust, well suited for heat exchangers, condensers, etc.
AM 3503Removes hardness salts and rust
AM 3504Removes organic contamination. Removes oil, grease, etc.
AM 3505Removes organic, protein, and microbiological deposits from pasteurization machines and other systems
AM 3506Removes oil, grease. Drainage detergent
AM 3510Reduces the content of oil, grease, deposits in new systems
AM 3511pH-neutral rust remover
AM 3511ApH-neutral rust remover

Products for municipal sewage

Odor and corrosion control

AM 3600 series includes products designed specifically for use in municipal sewage to control and to prevent the generation of hydrogen sulphide and other substances with unpleasant odor. Besides, these products minimize corrosion in the municipal sewerage systems.

AMELIN offers an extensive range of products for control of odors, corrosion, reduction of health and safety risks in municipal sewerage systems.

Main features and benefits of the products:

  • Eliminate and prevent unpleasant odors
  • Suppress the biological generation of H2S and prevent the related corrosion problems
  • Prevent H2S-induced atmospheric corrosion
  • Eliminate the need to use powerful oxidizers and reduce sedimentation

AM 3600 products can be used for the treatment of settling ponds, stabilizers, air and water filters and other systems in different industries where odors are involved. Individual AMELIN products (specifically AM 3680 (M370)) are ideally suited for elimination of hydrogen sulphide in natural gas wells, transmission pipelines, gas scrubbers, and alkanolamine plants.

Product Application AM 3650 (CC3550)Biomodifier preventing the synthesis of H2S AM 3660 (CC3560)Detergent, degreaser, odor remover AM 3670 (M360)H2S and mercaptan absorber. Effective against a wide range of odors. Volatile compound with small molecular weight AM 3680 (M370)H2S absorbed and neutralizer. Prevents corrosion


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