HEB 0,1-5,0 Gcal

HEB Series Electric Hot Water Boiler

HEB Series Electric Hot Water Boiler

HEB series hot water boilers by AMELIN have been designed to ensure fast and cost-efficient supply of hot water for heating purposes using electric resistive elements. Boiler controls the phases of of automatic switching of the heating elements to maintain the water temperature set. In all AMELIN hot water boilers high pressure vessels built to ASME standards are used, wiring is installed according to the effective national electric standards. Each boiler is insulated with fiberglass up to 100 mm thick attached to the tank. Boiler has enamel-coated thick-wall casing of sheet steel installed onto a full-size structural steel foundation. All the HEB series boilers by AMELIN use Incoloy-coated elements with redundant circuit length to withstand up to 10% overloads. This prevents negative effects on the integrity of the circuit elements.

ЭHEB Series Electric Hot Water Boiler

1.Hinged door9.Safety valve(s)
2.Temperature switch (manual release)10.Water supply
3.Temperature switch (automatic release)11.Temperature/pressure switch
4.Detachable panel(s) for access to the elements12.Temperature regulator
5.Blowdown valve13.Backlit control capacity switch
6.Return water/td>14.Phase indicator lamps
7.Shutoff blowdown valve15.Nema 1 control cabinet
8.Float shutoff low water valve (optional, standard sensor)

Economic and Process Advantages of the HEB Series Electric Hot Water Boilers by AMELIN:

  • Fast startup and instant shutdown. The time required to achieve the set thermal capacity never exceeds 5 minutes after startup.
  • Quick response to changes in the thermal load. Response time (to increase/decrease power) never exceeds 1 minute thanks to the efficient connection diagram of the heating elements cascade.
  • Stepless power control. Maximum capacity control range is 50:1 and supports smooth adjustment of the thermal output from max 100% to min 2%. ћ Compact design of the hot water boiler - can be installed where the area available for the installation is restricted.
  • Compact design of the hot water boiler - can be installed where the area available for the installation is restricted.
  • Safe design - installation in dedicated area is not required, deployment at the industrial site is possible.
  • Eco-friendliness - there is no combustion in these hot water boilers, which eliminates completely the risk of the environmental damage from hazardous effluents.
  • No smoke stack required - lower construction and maintenance costs of the boiler plant.
  • Running hot water boiler does not need to be continuously attended by operators.
  • HEB series hot water boiler design ensures reliable and safe operation, and simple maintenance.

Heating Elements

Heating Element

Submersible resistive heating elements coated with Incoloy alloy that are used in the HEB series hot water boilers have the average specific power rating of 35 W/cm2 and ensure long service life. Elements are made of high grade high resistance wire (80% nickel, 20% chromium) coated with compacted magnesium oxide and a protective Incoloy 800 (SS 332) layer. U-shaped heating elements by AMELIN have a unique design with incurved repressed bends. This configuration enables optimal installation between sections of individual elements and between adjacent elements thus achieving maximum flow and thermal transfer. Custom fittings make it possible to have individual elements replaced with no special tools required.


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